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Strengthening Bodies & Bonds: Group Exercise for Families

We spend a majority of our time simply hanging out with our families; grilling, watching a football game together, or enjoying a family meal. If we already spend so much time together, why not get off our seats and go workout together? Being able to exercise alongside your family and friends is a lot of […]

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Member Stories: Carol Mooren – Establishing an Active Family

We all know fitness is important, but it may be hard to find time to get an adequate amount of exercise with a growing family. Between full-time jobs, running the kids to soccer practice,
 and finding time for yourself, fitness is probably one of the last things you focus on. Our multigenerational family members find […]

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How to Raise Happy, Healthy, and Active Children

By encouraging healthy eating and exercise habits now, you can make a huge impact on your children’s relationship with food and fitness for years to come. You have the ability to provide your little ones with the best opportunities to grow into healthy adults. Providing your family with healthy and nutritious foods, and opportunities for exercise, […]

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