Member Stories: Carol Mooren – Establishing an Active Family

Member Stories-Carol Mooren – Establishing an Active Family

We all know fitness is important, but it may be hard to find time to get an adequate amount of exercise with a growing family. Between full-time jobs, running the kids to soccer practice,
 and finding time for yourself, fitness is probably one of the last things you focus on. Our multigenerational family members find the time to do it all. With group exercise classes that are family-friendly, a children’s playroom, the Quad and eZone, and classes for all age ranges—no one in the family will ever be left out! We can see this through the Harmelink/Mooren Family.

Carol Mooren started her membership with Elite over 30 
years ago when the club only offered racquetball and tennis. Her passion for tennis is what drew her to the club, ultimately creating a family of tennis lovers! All 3 of her children participated in private tennis as well as junior tennis. By allowing all of her children, no matter what age, to participate in tennis activities, they became “a tennis family.”

As Carol and the children got older, Elite was able to accommodate the age and skill change of their family by offering diverse options; she and her family grew with the
 club. The drive she had for playing tennis later changed into a love for fitness and swimming as well. When Carol first started incorporating swimming into her workout routine, she realized that it actually helped improve her tennis game! Her endurance was higher, and it was a really good form of exercise that utilized the whole body.

Experiences Remain Timeless

Carol currently visits the Brookfield club every day. Whether it is swimming 2-3 miles, lifting weights, utilizing a personal trainer, or getting in some cardio training on the elliptical, 
all of Carol’s fitness goals can be accomplished through the varying amenities at the club. The sense of family and community she feels at 
the club has even lead her to do family-friendly activities with her grandchildren. The activities that
they enjoy doing together most
 are swimming, tennis, and “Family
 Fun Night.” This event is especially 
fun because Carol, her daughter, Mindy, and her grandchildren can all spend a night out of the house doing something entertaining and relaxing.

Since a young age, Mindy has taken tennis lessons and became more seriously interested in playing right before high school. But, as she went off to college and even post-college, she eventually stopped visiting Elite. However, now that Mindy has a family of her own, a husband and children, she and her family have rekindled 
their membership at the club. “We chose Elite because it suited our active lifestyle. I think what I enjoy most about it is the community. Whether it’s being able to connect with friends on my tennis league, engaging with the staff, or allowing my kids to have choices in the activities they want to participate in, Elite gives a sense of secure community.”

One of the most accommodating amenities for the Harmelink family is the playroom. Mindy and her husband, Neal, started taking advantage of the playroom when their children were just six weeks old. This allowed her to have some “mommy time” while getting in a workout. Continuing Carol’s “tennis family” ways, Mindy and Neal’s children also started playing tennis as young as the age of three. Not only did the children participate in tennis, they also branched out into piano, karate, dance, the Quad at River Glen, and “Parent & Child” swim classes with her oldest daughter. “Let’s say one of my children gets sick of tennis, they’re allowed to try other activities.”

Enjoyment for All

Between running the kids to different activities and finding time to get in her own workout, Mindy definitely stays busy. Currently, she visits the club 3-4 times a week to run on the treadmill, or do group exercise classes such as Body Pump, Cardio Tennis, Boot Camp, free workshops, and various other tennis drills. Depending on the time of year, her participation in group exercise classes can vary. During the warmer months, she devotes most of her time to strictly playing tennis as opposed to attending group classes. Overall, Mindy and her family enjoy the expanded offerings the club has. “It’s nice to just go to one place, drop your kids off and get a workout in. I think there is fantastic staff with fantastic offerings. It’s a really good place for our family as far as having a lot of choices.” The fact that a fitness club offers so much more than just a workout room has allowed her family to grow with the club and accommodate their needs.

Mindy’s husband, Neal, enjoys doing many things at the club. For him, it is a perfect way just to get out and make sure he is staying healthy. Primarily,
 he plays tennis, runs on the treadmill, and lifts weights. Neal has been a member at Elite
 even before he and his wife had children. “The club made sense for us before kids, certainly for tennis and staying fit. But, even more so since we’ve had children. Our kids enjoy coming here,
 it’s easy, it’s close, and it has something for everybody.”

An Active Family

While Neal generally does his own workouts, he does participate in family activities and social tennis mixers as well. The Harmelink family enjoys swimming and participating in kid’s nights together as a family. The luxury of being a family-friendly club for Neal is that he knows his children are having a great time in the playroom while he works out. “We show up as a family, and then kind of do our own thing. When 
I drop the kids off for a tennis lesson, I get to get my own workout in. Dropping the kids off for an hour or an hour and a half is important and they love it.”

Having Carol also be a member of the club has really helped them out. It is convenient for them to drop their kids off at the playroom, and have Carol pick them up. “Carol is a
 huge part of childcare [for us] and she goes hand-in-hand with 
our kids and the club.”

Whether you start your membership as a child yourself, or join with your own children, Elite has something for everybody. We will grow with you and your family for years to come.

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