There are many benefits of Personal Training in the water. Low Impact: Gravity-reduced environment helps decrease the load on joints while increasing resistance. Improve Your Health: Increase your strength, endurance, and flexibility. Excellent for Rehabilitation: Increase your strength and flexibility.

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Private & Semi-Private Training

Build strength and cardiovascular endurance by using water resistance in a low impact environment for your joints. This training will incorporate specialized equipment to enhance the full use of the water’s natural resistance and buoyant qualities. No prior swimming experience required.

Private Training

Private: 30min…$40, 60min…$65

Semi-Private Training

pricing is per person

2 People: 30min…$32.50, 60min…$45
3 People: 30min…$27, 60min…$35

Contact the aquatics director to schedule your private or semi-private aqua personal training.

Small Group Training

Our small group training program follows 6-week sessions that progress in difficulty over that period, while still offering modifications for different fitness levels. Programs usually use a specific modality, or equipment not offered in our complimentary group exercise classes. Like personal training, you will be working with a certified personal trainer who will help you track your progress and improvements over time.

See a trainer for available groups, programs, and schedules!

Small Group Training Rates

pricing is per person, groups are made up of 4+ people

30min 6-week program…$79
45min 6-week program…$89
60min 6-week program…$99