-Annie Weiss

“We like the way the club is always available to families, continually updates equipment and hires people who are positive, who always have a smile or positive comments. Who wouldn’t want to go to Elite with all that positive energy floating around!”

-Robert M.

-Kristen Dudas

My family belongs to Elite, the one in Mequon. Out of much hesitation from my husband, it was 5 years ago I convinced him to make the commitment- never once regretted our decision.

Since the first day we walked in, the staff has been friendly, helpful and it truly feels like a big family community AND… it has made the 4 of us closer (We do family yoga! and the girls both work there!)

We have made some of our best friends, taken classes from body pump to cycling, use the gym for the bikes, treadmills, weights with the trainers there to always help and guide. But our favorite is the Yoga! The instructors starting with Tom are beyond amazing! Kirsten, Susan, Elva just to name a few have built a yoga community like no other! From the music, to the heat, to the pouring sweat, we walk out of each class feeling cleansed, refueled, detoxified mentally and physically.

-Tanya Thorson

-Carol Mooren, Mindy & Neal Harmelink Family

“Our whole family enjoys going to Elite, as our schedule allows. The staff and management are always thinking ‘outside of the box,’ adding in newer programs or even modifying the ones they currently offer. They are attentive to feedback, and to the overall experience of their members. We appreciate how genuinely kind and friendly they are to all the ages of those who come. We would not hesitate to recommend this location to our friends and colleagues. Keep up the excellent work!!! You are appreciated.”

-Kathryn R.

-Lauren Janzen

“I have been treated with respect, had questions answered, staff go out of their way to support anything that I have needed. I also enjoy staff knowing who I am and making a point to say hello or ask how I am doing. I am actually very pleased with everything I have experienced so far, I have been a member for 7 months now, and feel like I have a routine down, and feel comfortable with what I do. I know that you offer a lot more, and hope to get involved even more so. I think the team does a wonderful job, and love the supported feeling, it helps to come back each and every day…it’s the little things. Thank you.”

-Cynthia M.


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