Children ages 10 and under do not need a membership to participate in group tennis lessons at Elite Sports Clubs. If your child is participating in group tennis lessons, your child is allowed to take private lessons too. The 10 & Under tennis format is a teaching format to help children learn and play the game of tennis.

The program is designed to bring kids into the game by utilizing specialized equipment, shorter court dimensions, and modified scoring—all tailored to their age, size, and ability. By kid-sizing the equipment (balls, racquets, and net height) and modifying play components, kids can quickly develop tennis skills such as rallying. They gain better technical and tactical skills using these methods, which helps them to achieve early success for greater lifelong enjoyment of the game.

Non-Member 10 & Under Lesson and Invitational Program Registration

How the 10 & Under Tennis Lessons Work

The 10 & Under tennis format is taught on three different sized courts with three different low compression tennis balls corresponding to the size of the court.

Group Lessons

Each lesson has an instructor-to-player ratio typically between 4:1 and 6:1. Children may start lessons at any time, and the session rate will be adjusted accordingly. Enrollment in Group Lessons is for an entire session. Once enrolled, no credit can be given for lessons missed, however, you may be able to coordinate with a tennis pro for make-up classes. Absolutely no pro-rating of junior group lessons. No refunds. To ensure quality lessons, we reserve the right to move students to appropriate groups. With the exception of 10 & Under Tennis, membership is required for all Elite lessons.

Start Here: View our tennis brochure, which includes a full schedule for each level/age group. You may also want to read more about each level/age group below to figure out which class is best for your child. Still have questions? Contact us via email!

USTA Red Ball Progression: Ages 3-4

Your child’s first tennis experience establishes a foundation for hand-eye coordination, basic movement, listening skills, team cooperation and comfort on a tennis court. It’s a fun-filled introduction to the great lifetime sport of tennis. This class is taught on a 36′ Red Court.

USTA Red/Orange Ball Progression: Ages 5-6, or 7-8

A focus on introductory rallying skills and beginning stages of cooperative tennis. Students will learn how to initiate a rally, how to move and judge a ball, and racquet control. As they advance, students learn basic tennis tactics and athletic skills, while developing social skills and group attitudes. They will be playing by the end of the session, guaranteed! Classes are taught on either a 36′ Red Court, 42′ Red Court or 60′ Orange Court depending on age and ability.

USTA Orange/Green Ball Progression: Ages 9-10

This program is for players who may have taken several sessions of tennis and can rally the ball. Kids will gain better technical and tactical skills, which will help them to achieve early success for a greater lifelong enjoyment of the game. Classes are taught on a 60′ Green Dot Court over a standard tennis net.

10 & Under Invitational

This program is designed for our younger juniors that have been taking lessons consistently and are starting to play tournaments using the orange and green dot ball. These players are focusing on the development of a consistent stroke that becomes the cornerstone of rallying, as well as basic tennis strategies for match play.

Tennis pro approval required.

Register for Lessons

Summer Lessons: Please see the Summer Camps & Lessons page for more information and the registration form.

Fall/Winter/Spring Lessons: Register through the member app. If your child is a non-member participating in 10 & under lessons or an invitational program by pro recommendation, please use this form to register.