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5 Benefits of Choosing Elite Sports Clubs for Child Swim Lessons

The earlier you can start your child out in swim lessons, the better. The ability to swim is an essential safety skill. If they learn at a young age, they can utilize those skills for their entire lives and improve upon them as they go, potentially resulting in extracurriculars in competitive swimming. There are a […]

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Swimming as a Family Improves a Child’s Ability to Swim

We are often asked by parents, “What is the best thing I can do to help my child’s swimming?” The answer is simple: swim with them, A LOT. Children will learn by playing in the water, without even knowing it. All families are busy, but it is essential to make swimming one of your regular, […]

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Starting Swim Lessons at an Early Age

If you are parents of young children, you might be wondering when you should start your child in swim lessons. Teaching them water safety is of utmost importance, but at the same time, you want to build their confidence around water. We’ve created a plan for when you should begin child swim lessons. What is […]

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