5 Benefits of Choosing Elite Sports Clubs for Child Swim Lessons


The earlier you can start your child out in swim lessons, the better. The ability to swim is an essential safety skill. If they learn at a young age, they can utilize those skills for their entire lives and improve upon them as they go, potentially resulting in extracurriculars in competitive swimming. There are a number of facilities that offer swim lessons in the Milwaukee area, but Elite Sports Clubs has some unique advantages for you and your child.

1. Certified, Year-Round Instructors

All Elite instructors that teach child swim lessons are certified through the American Red Cross or YMCA. What this means is that they have taken 35+ hours of education on how to instruct swimming techniques, organize classes, and work with the individual needs of each child. Another advantage of child swim lessons at Elite Sports Clubs is that a majority of our instructors teach year-round so they have a lot more experience teaching than you would get at a facility that employs part-time summer lifeguards, for example. Most of Elite’s instructors are adults with over 10 years of teaching experience and have taught just about every type of child swimmer there is, so they are able to adapt to any needs a child may have.

2. Small Class Sizes

Our swim lessons program is exclusive to members of Elite Sports Clubs. Thus, we are able to maintain smaller class sizes, which allow for more practice time and individualized attention from the instructor. Member exclusivity also allows for more scheduling availability and less “rushing to get a spot.” You and your kids will have the opportunity to get to know other similar families from your class in our member community, resulting in a more comfortable and engaging experience.

Another advantage of member exclusivity is that the parents of the swimmers have the option to stay and watch the class, work out in the fitness center or in a group exercise class, enjoy a book in the lobby, etc. Siblings that aren’t swimming can play on the sport courts or spend time in the playroom.

3. Warm, Saltwater Pools

Our pools are kept at a comfortable 88-92 degrees so cold water is never an obstacle for a child to get in the water. We want to provide a comfortable environment where kids can focus on learning water safety skills. All our Splash Clubs have both an indoor and outdoor pool, so we are still able to hold lessons indoors during winter and during inclement weather in the summer.

Another advantage of taking swim lessons at Elite Sports Clubs is our saltwater pools. Unlike a typical chemically treated pool, our pools use saltwater filtration systems, which are gentler on hair and skin and don’t leave swimmers with an itchy feeling afterwards. Additionally, they require less chlorine to maintain the quality of water, are more environmentally friendly, and aren’t as harsh on swimming suits.

If you have never swam in a saltwater pool, we would highly encourage you to try! We promise you’ll enjoy the difference it makes. To find out more about how a saltwater filtration system works, read our blog.

4. Ability-Based Lessons

We follow the American Red Cross curriculum – the gold standard in water safety instruction. Each level is based on a certain set of skills, not age. Also, each level is progressive and builds on the skills learned in previous levels. The curriculum takes a “safety swimming first” approach, versus just simply learning the techniques of swimming strokes. Your child will advance once they have become proficient at the skills of each level.

5. Advanced Swimming Programs

Once your child has conquered all the fundamental levels of swimming, we offer a program called Swim Club, which is an excellent stepping stone from swimming lessons to competitive swimming or other aquatic extracurriculars.

Learn more about Swim Club here.

Child Swim Lessons Near Me

Elite Sports Clubs offers child swim lessons at our 3 “Splash Club” locations. Click the links below to register at a location near you!

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