Swim Club – Advanced Swim Lessons for Kids

Swim Club - Advanced Swim Lessons for Kids

If your child has graduated swim lessons, but still loves being in the water, the logical next step would be to join a swim team. However, they may be too young or inexperienced to join a club team. That’s where Elite’s Swim Club comes in! Swim Club is essentially advanced swim lessons for kids, preparing them for a future in competitive swimming and continued involvement in the water.

What is Swim Club?

Swim Club is essentially advanced swim lessons for kids. This program is for swimmers ages 7+ who have completed Elite’s group swim lessons or an equivalent program and are interested in improving stroke technique, learning about competitive swimming, and building endurance in a fun and social team environment! Along with improving technique and endurance, participants will also learn about swimming as a sport, work on team-building activities, and have the opportunity to compete in swim meets throughout the year. Swim Club is a member-exclusive program.

While kids do learn strokes during group swim lessons, Swim Club takes them to the next level so kids can really master them in a competitive environment rather than just for water safety.

Prepare for a Future in Swimming

We aim to prepare kids for a future in competitive swimming. They’ll get plenty of practice in the water with our instructors to hone their stroke technique. As the old saying goes, “Practice Makes Perfect!”

Not only is swimming great exercise, but it’s a fun and social sport. Being a part of a swim team will allow children to develop social skills, make new friends, and learn to be part of a team. Competitive swimming is unique in that it requires a mix of individual performances and relays. Exposure to this type of environment will teach kids to support one another.

Advanced Swim Lessons for Kids

If your kid excelled in fundamental swim lessons and needs a little bit more of a push, Swim Club is a great stepping stone to enhance their techniques before they start competitive swimming. It will be a challenge, but also rewarding for them to be a part of a team and learn new abilities.

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  • Gina Rossi says:

    Hi – just wanting to find out more. I have two kids who are both very confident in the water, love the water and good swimmers- but just need more opportunities to improve skills, stamina, and have some team fun also. Aged 12 and aged 9.

    Can you tell me where you are based?
    Do you have classes during January?
    Thanks, Gina

    • Elite Sports Clubs says:

      Hi Gina,
      We have 3 clubs with pools in the Greater Milwaukee area, and 4 total. We offer swim lessons year-round because of our indoor pools.

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