Year-Round Swimming Lessons for Kids in Milwaukee

swimming lessons for kids milwaukee

You might think of swim lessons as being only a summertime activity. However, with the right program, they can be taken year-round. Swimming is such a vital safety skill to be learned at a young age. Elite Sports Clubs has 3 facilities that offer year-round swimming lessons for kids in Milwaukee!

Swimming Lessons for Kids in Milwaukee

There are a number of places that offer swimming lessons for kids in Milwaukee. Places like community pools require fair weather, and are therefore only able to offer them during the summer. Even still, bad weather could potentially cause a lesson to be canceled from time to time.

Elite Sports Clubs has 3 facilities, each with indoor/outdoor saltwater pools. This allows us to hold swimming lessons for kids in Milwaukee all year. While we like to hold them outdoors if possible during spring and summer, we at least have the option of moving them indoors when bad weather strikes.

Certified Instructors

Another huge advantage Elite has is that we employ certified, full-time swim instructors. All of our instructors are either American Red Cross or YMCA certified. This means they have taken 35+ hours of education teaching them how to break down swimming skills, teach swimming skills, organize classes, and work with varying needs among children and adults. Members will get a vastly different experience from being taught by someone who is simply a lifeguard or competitive swimmer or from being taught by someone who was trained “on the job.”

Also, most of our instructors teach lessons year-round, so they have many more hours of experience than instructors at facilities where the staff only works through the summer. Not only that, many of our full-time instructors have been with us for over 5 years. They know our programs inside and out and have worked with all types of kids. Each child is unique and therefore might learn and different paces. We want to ensure that our teaching is effective for each child so they are able to advance to the next level of swimming lessons.

What Level Should I Start My Child?

Our swimming lessons for kids in Milwaukee program is based on the American Red Cross curriculum, the gold standard in water safety instruction. If you’re unsure of when your child can start or what level they should be placed in, check out our handy Swim Lessons Guide for Parents!

Elite Sports Clubs is a private members club and only offers swimming lessons, adult or child, to its members. Get started today by registering at the button below!

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