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Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes

Kids need calories for activities of daily living, health, brainpower, and growth. Children involved in sports need extra fuel for their athletic activities as well. Choose foods that are nutrient-dense in order to boost performance and promote overall health.

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The Benefits of Youth Soccer

Summer is the perfect time to introduce your kids to all the positive attributes of team sports. And what better way to get them active than with soccer? Here are just a few reasons why youth soccer is a fantastic way to get your children on an active path in life.

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Youth Resistance Training: Should my child start weight training?

Each year, a growing number of children join highly competitive sports. Three-year-olds are playing tennis. By age 8, kids are involved in select soccer. What’s next – golf for diaper dandies? With competitive sports on the rise, it seems everyone is looking for an edge. Parents are hiring performance and speed coaches and personal trainers […]

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