The Benefits of Youth Soccer

The Benefits of Youth Soccer

Summer is the perfect time to introduce your kids to all the positive attributes of team sports. And what better way to get them active than with soccer? Here are just a few reasons why youth soccer is a fantastic way to get your children on an active path in life.

It’s an Entry-Level Activity

Soccer for beginners is about the easiest team activity you can do. Compared to other sports like baseball or football, the ultimate focus of soccer (kicking a ball towards opposite ends of a field) is something that kids as young as pre-Kindergarten can grasp without much instruction. As they grow and soccer continues to interest them, they’ll learn more about tactics and strategy. But for now, before your little one becomes the next David Beckham, Mia Hamm or Pelé, they’ll likely just love running around and trying to score.

It Promotes Cognitive Development

Another difference from baseball or football is that soccer is considerably faster-paced. Instead of waiting for the next pitch or another pass play to be called, children have to think quickly and respond immediately to whatever is happening on the field, which improves cognitive flexibility.

It Keeps Kids Fit

With all the running involved in soccer, even on small non-professional fields, your child will improve his or her cardiovascular health, as well as increase coordination, strength, and flexibility. As their soccer skills develop, they can seek out more advanced training methods on their own.

It Gets Kids Social

Given the team atmosphere, soccer is a great way kids can spend time with their friends or make new ones. As children get older and can grasp the concept of strategy, players need to communicate with each other and experience teamwork to accomplish their goal – which in this case is scoring goals! Communicating effectively and learning to work together through youth soccer is a great primer for the social and job-related interactions kids will have later in life.

It Instills Respect, Responsibility, and Sportsmanship

Along with imprinting a good work ethic, youth soccer gets young children acclimated to treating teammates, coaches, and opposing players with respect. Children are also relied on to participate and share responsibility for what happens during a game or practice.

It Does Wonders for Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Though obviously a team sport, individuals in a soccer game will stand out from time to time, whether that’s because of a great play or an unfortunate miscue. If shyness is an issue, youth soccer will get your child out in front of a crowd – even if that’s just a group of parents – and with every game or practice, they’ll be building confidence in themselves and pushing themselves to do better. And who knows, if they have natural talent in the sport, it’ll set them on a lifelong journey to become the world’s greatest player.

Do you have any additional benefits of youth soccer? Leave them below in the comments so our Elite community can learn more!

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