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Table Salt vs. Sea Salt: Which is Healthier?

The popularity of sea salt has increased greatly over the years. Celtic sea salt, Pink Himalayan sea salt, and Black Hawaiian sea salt are just a few of the common varieties. They are widely used in restaurants for their coarse, crunchy texture and strong flavor, and are found in abundance on supermarket shelves. Some manufacturers […]

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Food Swaps Part 4: Reduced Sodium

Manufacturers add large of amounts of sodium to certain types of food in order to preserve them. Without even realizing it, your sodium intake can be quite high, which can lead to high blood pressure. For those reasons, you may want to seek foods with reduced sodium. Let’s take a look at some examples of […]

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Salt: Friend or Foe?

New York City, as recently as November 30th of 2015, placed a warning symbol on many high salt dishes (higher than 3400 mg sodium) on the menus of its local restaurants. For example, two of the most popular, but salty, menu items were a Cheddar Bacon Burger and a Buffalo Chicken Salad, which respectively had 4280 mg […]

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