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Member Stories: Mike Sendelbach – MyZone Keeps Me Motivated

Several years ago, Mike Sendelbach shared his account of how he developed his love for cycling and spin class at Elite Sports Clubs. “Bandana Mike,” as he is commonly known around the clubs, is back again to share how he has improved and a new method of staying motivated in the spin studio!

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Even Superheroes Have Limits

Have you ever taken inspiration from your favorite comic book heroes? You can envision being fast like the Flash or as strong as Superman. But even those characters have weaknesses and limitations. Even in our pursuit of superhuman perfection, we normal humans have to pace ourselves, plan ahead, and train to meet our goals. Here […]

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How Many Calories are You Actually Burning During Exercise

In order to best answer this question, you have to first understand that all caloric expenditure calculations (often expressed on cardio machines, and on fitness apps) are estimates. These estimates are calculated by a large variety of factors.

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