Member Stories: Mike Sendelbach – MyZone Keeps Me Motivated

Member Stories - Mike Sendelbach - MyZone Keeps Me Motivated

Several years ago, Mike Sendelbach shared his account of how he developed his love for cycling and spin class at Elite Sports Clubs. “Bandana Mike,” as he is commonly known around the clubs, is back again to share how he has improved and a new method of staying motivated in the spin studio!

MyZone Keeps Me Motivated

A few years ago, I shared my thoughts about my time at Elite Sports Club-Brookfield. The spirit moved me to share my continued positive impressions about our club.

Over the past few years, you continued to witness the ebbs and flows of my exercise routines. As a contract program manager, my work seems to be everywhere but Milwaukee. Still love it, the work being exhilarating, exhausting and all-consuming.

I have branched out to include more group classes, personal training, and physical therapy when my calf decided to tear one fine day. The one class I continue to come back to is spinning. There is something about the music, intensity, and playful banter that keeps me coming back. On top of that, Elite has added a technological twist that I use called MyZone.

“MyZone is an innovative wearable heart-rate-based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity.” (June 17th excerpt from

My experience with the product has been super motivating. It keeps me honest as to how hard I am actually working at the moment and how much work I have done over the weeks and months. There is an HRM that is synced to an app on my phone so I can get instantaneous feedback. Recently, a projection system has been added in the spin room that shows all the folks using MyZone during class. So, why not show off a little once in a while. Again, great product and super motivating for me.

Mike Sendelbach with Taylor Thompson

Mike Sendelbach with Taylor Thompson

So to close out, thanks to the Elite teams for all you do. You make it fun!!! To the gang that sees me most often, thanks to Tony, Tom, Susie, Taylor, Eric, Christine, Karen, Amy, and Laura for putting up with a “character” like me. If I forgot someone, please know it’s not with malice.

I want you all to know that I’m happy with my progress, but never satisfied. Ever forward!!!

– “Bandana” Mike

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