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Recreational Sports: The Forgotten Cardio Workout

Can recreational sports be a supplementary part of your cardio workouts? Would playing basketball three days a week be a good replacement for running on the treadmill? There are plenty of oft-forgotten benefits to including recreational sports as part of your physical activity routine. Here are some suggestions for recreational sports in Milwaukee.

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Play Every Day for a Healthier You & Your Family

Remember when you were a kid, how carefree you were, and perhaps your only worries were whether you’d make the team for a game of kickball, baseball or whatever game your friends and schoolmates were playing? You certainly didn’t think about paying the mortgage or high property taxes, or if you should have the house […]

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Youth Resistance Training: Should my child start weight training?

Each year, a growing number of children join highly competitive sports. Three-year-olds are playing tennis. By age 8, kids are involved in select soccer. What’s next – golf for diaper dandies? With competitive sports on the rise, it seems everyone is looking for an edge. Parents are hiring performance and speed coaches and personal trainers […]

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