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What Diet Will Work For You?

Imagine someone in your life. Now imagine that you’re going to wear their clothes for a day. Chances are, that day isn’t going to be comfortable. Whether it be a significant other, elder, child, or friend, their clothes likely won’t fit you very well, if at all. Just as with clothing, the same diet isn’t […]

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Never Miss Twice When Your Diet Gets Off Track

Which diet is the best? The is simple – whichever eating pattern you will stick with. The most important thing is to choose an eating style that complements your lifestyle, doesn’t require too much mental strain, and is sustainable long-term. Just as no one is perfect, we will inevitably face setbacks and get derailed from […]

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What Can a Registered Dietitian Do for You?

If you have been following our blog for awhile, you have probably noticed the weekly posts from Elite Sports Clubs’ Registered Dietitian, Rita. However, many of you may not really know what exactly a RD does or how one could help you reach your health and weight loss goals. Check out the article below from […]

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