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3 Signs You’re Getting Fitter

Have you been maintaining your fitness goals from the start of the New Year? If you’ve given up because you don’t think you’re making progress, you might want to reconsider. You still might be getting fitter even if you haven’t lost any weight.

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Doing More to Achieve Results

  Are you always active and feel like you should be losing weight but aren’t? A lot of aspects of work and life keep us active and feeling exhausted, and yet we don’t see any weight loss results. The key might be doing more than what you’re already doing even though you might already feel […]

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Can a Weight Loss Plateau Be a Good Thing?

While they can be discouraging and destructive to your goals, a weight loss plateau is actually a really good thing, even if they last for a few weeks! Read on to find out why, plus learn four realistic ways to bust through your plateau.

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