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Glossary of Swimming Terms

If you’re not a regular swimmer, you might not be familiar with common swimming terms associated with exercise or racing. While there are plenty of terms in the swimming world, we’ve compiled a list you might hear us using around the clubs during swim lessons or classes.

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I’ve Just Joined a Health Club, Now What?

Whether you have decided to make small changes or big changes, joining a health club is a great first step! Nevertheless, as we all know, that’s only the beginning. That little plastic membership card isn’t going to change your life all on its own, it has to be put to work!  So, let’s get started! The […]

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Why Salt Water Instead of a Chemical Chlorine Pool System?

When I tell guests that Elite’s pools are salt water they are very surprised. Most people in our area have never heard of a salt water pool. The first question they ask is what is it and why?

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