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Why Should You Work With a Personal Trainer?

Achieving results on your own isn’t easy. Not only do you have to work hard, you have to know what you’re doing. Just as you would hire an electrician or plumber to fix something that is beyond your skill set, same is true of personal trainers with regards to fitness. They possess the knowledge and […]

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Personal Trainers: Accountability Personified

As a trainer, I often say that my job is to be accountability, personified. I’m the one that shows up. I plan the exercise routine, I come in to work, and I’m ready to work. I’m the person waiting for you to show up to class at 6 a.m., or to our training session at […]

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Personal Training and the "I Can’t Afford It" Excuse

Personal Training sessions can be more affordable than you think! Plus the cost is worth the immediate as well as the future benefits! Think about the last time you or someone you know had an injury. How much did you spend on doctor visits or physical therapy to get back to your regular health? What […]

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