Personal Training and the "I Can’t Afford It" Excuse

Personal Training sessions can be more affordable than you think! Plus the cost is worth the immediate as well as the future benefits!

Think about the last time you or someone you know had an injury. How much did you spend on doctor visits or physical therapy to get back to your regular health? What if instead of looking at the cost of healthcare, you looked at how much it costs to PREVENT those injuries from ever happening? Personal Training is a way that you could pay to prevent those injuries and avoid all the hassle and inconvenience.

Affordable Personal Training

Personal training not only makes you strong to prevent future injury but professional supervision can ensure that you are completing the exercises correctly. We have heard multiple times about people performing a squat incorrectly or with too much weight, and they end up with knee and hamstring injuries. A knowledgeable trainer will create programs that are tailored specifically for one individual, because everyone’s bodies and goals are different. In addition, eating healthy in combination with training can help prevent many illnesses, including heart disease, one of the leading causes of death in America.

The bottom line–when you spend your money try asking yourself: How is this item or service going to benefit me now and in the future?

You might be saying to yourself “I can’t afford a personal trainer,” but making only a few lifestyle changes can help you to afford these services. First, you should create a budget based on how much training you want to receive. Most people meet with a trainer at least once a week although you could opt for bi-weekly or even just monthly meetings. You could also opt for semi-private or group training which can save you a significant amount of money (and offers a much more social atmosphere).

Example: Let’s say you go out Friday nights for dinner at a nice restaurant and a few cocktails, staying in one week per month could easily save you about 60 dollars–and many calories! That’s a personal training session right there!

Making simple lifestyle changes can not only help you save money, but also help you improve your health and prevent expensive medical bills in the future.

Get started with personal training today!

Have you ever injured yourself exercising? Could that injury have been prevented with proper form & instruction? Tell us in the comments!