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If You Feel Like Giving Up, Remember Why You Started

Sometimes fitness and diet can really get you down. Don’t think you’re alone. Yes, even us fitness professionals sometimes feel that way, too. You try hard, but sometimes it doesn’t seem to be working. We’re here to tell you to never give up and remember why started in the first place.

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5 Tips to Avoid Pitfalls

Since I’ve been juggling my full plate of working full-time, school, and dog-sitting, I have had to really use my time efficiently. And really strategize to make sure my body is still taken care of. It can be simple to put proper nutrition and movement on the back burner, and I know a lot of […]

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5 Tips to Get Back on the Fitness Wagon

It can be easy to get out of your routine and fall off the fitness wagon. Exercise sometimes gets replaced by overindulging in food and drinks. But guess what, it’s okay every once in awhile, just as long as you have self control. If you fall off the fitness wagon, here are 5 tips to […]

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