What is an Athletic Club?

What is an Athletic Club?

The term athletic club, or sometimes referred to as a sports club, is used in the fitness industry to describe a particular type of private members club. So what sets them apart from a typical fitness gym? Let’s explore what an athletic club actually is.

Athletic Club Defined

Simply put, an athletic club is a private members’ club that provides everything you need to achieve your fitness goals. What primarily sets athletic clubs apart is that they often contain a sports/recreation component, typically in both the services offered and as part of the facility itself (i.e. tennis courts). Common sports include tennis, racquetball, basketball, soccer, and more. Also at an athletic club, you’ll typically find a swimming pool. These types of clubs can be found in cities or suburban areas.

What Makes It Different Than a “Gym”?

So how are athletic clubs any different than a typical fitness gym? They provide the tools necessary to live an active lifestyle, but in a fun way! Like a “gym”, athletic clubs have fitness centers, but the similarities stop there. At an athletic club, you might find services like nutrition coaching, special programming, social events, child care, etc.

Athletic clubs tend to be more personal as well. Of course, customer service is always a priority, but you might find more personal services where staff will help you with booking activities. A concierge, like the one at Elite Sports Clubs, can help you with space rentals, organize private events, or even find fun activities for you to do outside the club.

Fun & Fitness Combined

As you can see, athletic clubs are all about making it easier to live a healthy and active lifestyle. From the personal service to the recreational sports, they’re all about making fitness fun and accessible. With everything under one roof, these private members clubs offer what your typical gym or fitness studio cannot.

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