Five Tips To Prepare For Vacation

Five tips for your next vacation!

When we go on vacation, sometimes we lose track of our goals. Some indulging is good for the soul, but when it becomes too much we have a problem. Vacation is about relaxing and part of self-care. Not tracking what we consume while on vacation is typical because ‘we are on vacation!’. We then get disappointed when we get home because we realize all the hard work we did before vacation went down the drain. Here are five great tips to help you avoid the disappointment when returning home from vacation.

1. Know your intentions by the time you leave

Create a plan to know how much you want to exercise on vacation and where. Do research beforehand to find out if there are any activities that can be considered a workout and a tourist destination. Look for any scenic hiking trails, boardwalks, or water/snow activities. Decide if you intend to keep your sleeping schedule and if so, plan your activities to make sure you get the amount of sleep you want. Also, it would be a great idea to research restaurants that offer healthy foods and maybe find one restaurant to indulge in. Planning ahead will also save you time and stress!

2. Don’t force exercise that isn’t fun

You are on vacation! You are allowed to enjoy yourself and relax. We go on vacation to relieve stress, so don’t stress yourself out worrying about exercising! Incorporating exercise into an activity that you will enjoy is always a good idea. Swimming and walking are common activities that still keep you active. Just do not force yourself to get up at 5 am every morning to run in the hotel gym. Have fun with your exercises. This is vacation not a chore!

3. Stay hydrated

While traveling, your body is thrown out of whack. It is important (as it should always be) to hydrate. If you’re traveling to a different altitude, you will dehydrate faster. Same is true while drinking excess alcohol. If you’re abroad and are unsure if the local tap water is safe to drink, ask for bottled water. In any case, just keep hydrating!

4. Add in local produce

Nothing tastes fresher than local produce! Add in whole foods, too, that will give your body nutrients. When dining out ask for local vegetables or fruit. Stop at the local grocery store for healthy local snacks! Check out the new culture and keep up with your routine.

5. Pack your vitamins!

Eating foods we don’t normally eat will affect our overall health and digestion. It is important to keep up with your vitamins to ensure a healthy body while on vacation.

It is important to just have fun on vacation!

Stressing out about where or how you will workout is not what vacation is all about. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore a new location and what the area has to offer. Keeping a healthy lifestyle does not only mean physical activity. Your mental health is also important! Taking the time on vacation to destress from life is healthy for your mind, so enjoy yourself and have fun!

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