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The Benefits of Setting High Goals

In today’s post, since we’re focused on aiming high in all aspects of our lives this month, let’s discuss some of the upsides of setting definitive, high goals.

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Crafting the Perfect New Year’s Resolutions

With the New Year approaching, it is time for people to start thinking of their possible New Year’s resolutions. The practice of setting New Year’s resolutions might be cliche, but it is helpful given that there is an arbitrary day already chosen for you and the idea of a new year, new you creates great […]

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Your Weight Loss Journey: How to Make a Change

There are “Stages of Change” that each person must go through in order to actually do anything new. The Academy of Nutrition has the following listing of processes for every person’s development towards change in behavior: Pre-contemplation: Stage before any thought is given to modify any behaviors. Contemplation: Subject is aware they have a change they […]

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