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The Ample Rewards of Being Healthy

We love to think of rewards as tangible things. A bike, a car, a new purse, or maybe even a meal or a snack. What we don’t often think about, is that the rewards of being healthy usually aren’t the tangible prizes we like to think.

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Planning a Wellness Budget

New year. New budget. While this year you may find yourself cutting corners to get a new car, a new home, take a vacation, or start a family; it’s important not to skim off the top of a wellness budget. And if you don’t already have a wellness budget you should make one.

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Investing In Your Health is Investing in Yourself

Looking for a solid investment to make in the new year? How about investing in yourself by focusing on your health? You only get one body, so taking care of it is essential for a happy and healthy life. So why not start investing in the thing that can keep you happiest, healthiest, and alive? […]

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