Planning a Wellness Budget

New year. New budget.

While this year you may find yourself cutting corners to get a new car, a new home, take a vacation, or start a family; it’s important not to skim off the top of a wellness budget. And if you don’t already have a wellness budget you should make one.

What is a wellness budget you may ask? Gather round.

A wellness budget includes things like planning for an annual physical, a gym membership, grocery shopping planning, and any other outside wellness activity you may need. Some people take a yoga class, a counseling session, or even meeting up with a financial advisor can be part of your wellness budget.

2016 Wellness Budget

Things To Include In Your Wellness Budget

  • Gym Membership – This is so important. Getting in the time to exercise is a huge part of living a healthy lifestyle. When looking for a gym, consider what you need. Do you need personal training? Do you want to be able to swim? Do you like group classes? Something for the kids? Do your research to make sure you invest in a gym that provides everything you need.
  • Doctors Visits – Making sure you and the family get to the doctor every year for a physical is important. Don’t forget about the dentist and the eye doctor too!
  • A Grocery Budget – This may seem a little weird, but making sure you have money set aside makes getting the right groceries easier. This can also cut down on the amount you spend on fast food, knowing you have good food in the house to eat.
  • Date Night – You love your kids, but you gotta get away from them sometimes. Planning a little money for a fun night with the significant other helps keep a relationship fresh and happy. Having said that…
  • Counseling (if you need it) – There is no shame in talking to someone. Whether it’s personal, family, couples, financial, nutritional, whatever it may be it’s nice to have someone help you plan things or talk things through.
  • Fun Family Activities – Just taking the day to spend a nice afternoon with your family at a park or a movie is good. Just make sure you tuck away a few bucks each month to make sure you do things as a group. Keeps the whole family happy and involved in each others lives.
  • Spa, Massage, Physical Therapy Appointments – Keeping your body healthy and relaxed is huge. So if you have a shoulder that bothers you, are way too tense, or just need some ‘me’ time make sure you have the ability to address these things. Nothing wrong with a little pampering every now and then!

How you want to divvy up the percentages is up to you—things cost different amounts in different places and the number of people in your family changes things too. But just keeping a basic budget designed to keep your body and mind healthy can go a long way, no matter how much money you decide to set aside. So happy planning for a happy, and healthy new year!

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