The Ample Rewards of Being Healthy

The Ample Rewards of Being Healthy

We love to think of rewards as tangible things. A bike, a car, a new purse, or maybe even a meal or a snack. What we don’t often think about, is that the rewards of being healthy usually aren’t the tangible prizes we like to think.

Reward Yourself

Reward One – More Quality Time With Family

Being fit means more time with the family. Whether you exercise together or eat together, the important part is the together part. School keeps kids busy, work keeps adults busy. But everyone needs to fit in time for exercise. So why not do it as a family!

Reward Two – Decrease Your Risk Of Disease

Well, no one likes to be sick. By getting in 30 minutes of activity and eating healthy, you can greatly decrease your chances of developing certain diseases. Such as, heart disease, Type II Diabetes, stroke, and even some cancers.

Reward Three – A Good Meal and a Good Time

Do you like to watch tv? Turn on the Food Network and cook alongside the stars!?  While you cook your food, you can enjoy all the fun of tv. Plus finding new recipes is always a good time, and it keeps your meals exciting. Some of the healthiest shows to watch can be found here. So get cooking!

Reward Four – Save Some Money

Candy and sweets can give you cavities. Consequently, that can be some serious dollars at the dentist. In addition, medications and doctors visits can also add up real quick when we don’t take care of ourselves. Most of all, do you really want to spend the money for new clothes when yours get too small? The savings can really start to add up when you take the time to take care of you!

So keep rewarding yourself every day, by keeping up with your healthy habits!

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