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Why Soccer Players Are The Fittest Athletes on the Planet

Have you ever wondered why soccer players are so fit? In order to be match ready, soccer players follow strict fitness and nutrition regimens. Let’s take a look and what makes soccer players the fittest athletes on the planet.

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Proper Fueling for Youth Soccer Players

As the calendar switches, two things will happen this summer: kids sports will pick up, specifically soccer, and the 2018 World Cup takes place in Russia. The average professional soccer player will run an estimated 7+ miles during their 90-minute matches. While younger kids will run much less than that, fueling properly before their soccer […]

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Recommended Nutrition for Soccer Players

June is an exciting month for soccer players and fans alike. It is the 21st FIFA World Cup held in Russia. Think you have the skills to play with the best? Or maybe just a vivid dream of joining the professionals on field? Because soccer is such a demanding sport, proper nutrition for soccer players […]

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