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Why Does Music and Exercise Go So Well Together?

What is it about music that makes the workout seem easier? Music and exercise have been going hand in hand for seemingly forever. It’s played at every sporting event, in every exercise class, even used in team practices for rowing to help the team pull together in unison. Music has a pull on us, it takes […]

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10 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Day

This time of year can be both amazing and stressful. So, I’d say it’s time for a little positive thinking and inspiration to improve your day! How are we going to accomplish that? By having a “to do” list for elevating your spirit!

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How Exercise Benefits Your Mental Health

Recently we discussed how massage can help with the symptoms of depression. But how about treating depression with exercise, too? Many studies show that folks who exercise regularly get a positive boost in their overall sense of well being, and lower rates of depression.

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