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Does Beer Have Health Benefits?

Throughout its history, Milwaukee has been a leading producer of beer from its many breweries throughout the city. While breweries have come and gone, German traditions still remain, making beer drinking a ubiquitous recreational activity. So, the question remains, does beer have health benefits? Even chocolate and wine do, so what about beer?

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Hometown Pride and Exercise

Everyone at Elite greatly appreciates being a part of our community, and knows that not all workouts need to occur indoors. In honor of the hometown pride generated by this month’s celebration of Milwaukee Day (April 14th), we thought it would be helpful for our members to know the trails and other amenities around our […]

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Friends in Fitness: Elite and Milwaukee Athletic Club Reciprocity

As many of you may know, Elite Sports Clubs entered into a reciprocity agreement with the Milwaukee Athletic Club (MAC) in June 2017. In honor of Milwaukee Day on April 14, also known as 414 Day, which coincides with Milwaukee’s area code, we’d like to tell you a little more about our partnership. Our new […]

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Why You Should Eat Local

For those of you who don’t know, April 14th (4/14) is Milwaukee Day! Check out the official website to learn more about how you can celebrate the great city of Milwaukee. One of them is to eat local. Read on to learn how and why eating locally grown foods is important for your health, your […]

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MIL-WALK-EE: Elite’s Local Walking Tour

Whether you call it Cream City, Brew City, or Miltown, Milwaukee is rich in history and has so much to offer. Even if you’ve lived here your whole life, it’s worth marveling at all of Milwaukee’s hotspots from time to time. In honor of Milwaukee Day (April 14th or 4/14 , the area code for […]

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Eat Like a Wisconsinite in a Healthier Way

Beer cheese soup, kringle, sausage, butter burger, frozen custard, and cheese curds. All these food items are synonymous with Wisconsin, yet none represent the epitome of health. Not to worry my fellow Wisconsinites, our great state has several other (possibly) lesser-known healthy attributes. Check out these healthier Wisconsin foods so you can enjoy our state’s […]

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