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8 Ways You Can Be Fearless

October is a month commonly associated with Halloween, where everything revolves around horror and fear. Here at Elite Sports Clubs, we’re taking the opposite approach. Use this month to overcome your fears. Here are 8 ways you can be fearless in your social life, fitness routine, or playing tennis.

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6 Ways to Face Your Fear of Food

Whether you have avoided dinner parties to resist the temptation of tasty treats, have felt guilty after indulging on foods you consider ‘bad’, or have resisted trying something you have never eaten before, everyone at some point in their life has been afraid of food. Here are 6 ways to face your fear of food.

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How to Break Through Mental Barriers to Accomplish Your Goals

Many of us have lost weight at some point in our lives. But not quite so many have kept it off. So today, let’s explore one of the reasons you might be on a roller coaster. Sure, food tastes good, and thankfully, here in America, it’s plenty. We are, for the most part, genetically programmed to […]

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