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Tips for Balancing Busy Schedules and Healthy Family Meals

Planning healthy family meals isn’t always easy, but we are convinced that having family meals together is always worth it. We understand that it can seem difficult to get well-balanced meals on the table during busy nights juggling sports, dance class, homework, and work or school events. Despite the challenge, the benefits of eating healthy […]

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Health & Fitness

It can be a sensitive topic, but parents need to know how to discuss health and fitness with their children. If your child is overweight, you may be at a loss for how to help. No matter the age, talking to kids about health and fitness can be a difficult topic. Keeping the conversation on healthy habits […]

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Youth Fitness & Nutrition: Country Fruit Stand Salad Recipe

This fruit salad contains a number of fruits high in antioxidants, especially berries of all varieties, such as, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries. In addition, it has a tasty fruit-based dressing with orange juice and honey and topped with an excellent cinnamon granola mixture. Country Fruit Stand Salad (Original Recipe) Country Fruit Stand Salad gets its sparkling […]

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