Workout Wednesday: Don’t Forget to Limber-up!


Workout Wednesday: Don't Forget to Limber-up!

Many of us tend to forget the importance of regularly warming up before our workouts. Now, that warm up may vary from person to person, or workout to workout, but the point being, it should always be the first step you take before you even think of jumping into those Tabata sprints or that heavy lifting session. In this post, we’d even like to encourage you to limber up before you head out on your Black Friday or Small Business Saturday shopping sprees.

So, right after you wake up at the crack of dawn (probably even earlier actually), or while you are waiting in line outside of a store, consider doing the following warm up suggested by Elite Sports Club-North Shore  personal trainer, Gage Livingston.

Limber Up Warm Up

  • March in place-1 minute
  • Jumping jacks-25 reps
  • Stretch arms over head- hold 30 seconds
  • Stretch hands to toes (standing)-hold 30 seconds
  • Push ups-10 reps
  • Squats-15 reps

Bonus Black Friday Training Video:

And here’s another one of our Black Friday “training” videos to get you prepared for all that shopping on Black Friday or Small Business Saturday! Elite Sports Clubs personal trainer, Grace Selwitschka explains and demonstrates three functional movement exercises.

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