What Will My Child Do While I Workout?

Elite Sports Club-West Brookfield Playroom

Elite Sports Club-West Brookfield Playroom

Many parents are hesitant to go to the gym after having a baby. They worry about leaving  the newest, cutest addition to their family in the hands of strangers. Even parents with toddlers have hesitations. Will my child be exposed to too many germs?  Will there be too many kids?  Can he/she bring his special blanket?  Will my child be left out?  Will he/she be safe?  These are worries that many moms face when choosing a gym. You’re a parent, it’s your job to worry about your kids. The truth is that when moms and dads bring their kids to our playroom at Elite so they can workout, they’re doing something great for both themselves and their child.

What is the Staff Like?


Here in the playroom at Elite Sports Club-West Brookfield, our staff consists of moms whose children have grown-up and left the “nest.” They’re here because they miss the days when their kids were little. As they say, once a mother, always a mother. The young adults on staff are people who love kids, who hope to make a career in child development.

Why do Parents Choose to be Members at Your Club?

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Our members with little ones choose our club because of how comfortable the small, intimate environment and our nurturing staff makes their children feel when they come to our playroom. Many parents find their children love coming here so much, they end up taking their time in the locker room after a workout just to make sure their child has enough time to play!  Or they chat with staff for a while to give their children “a few more minutes.” Even the kids  who take a while to warm-up to the playroom end up not wanting to leave when mom or dad is done with their workout.

What Would My Child’s First Day Look Like?


When a new child enters the playroom, it can be a bit scary for them, leaving mom or dad’s side, but we make every effort to comfort them, introduce them to other kids and guide them to an activity that they enjoy.  It is very rare for us to have to find a parent during their workout because we can’t comfort their child.

What Types of Toys & Activities Does the Playroom Have?

We have lots of books, blocks, Barbies, dress up clothes, tools, cars, dinosaurs and LEGOs.

How do I Sign My Little One Up for the Playroom?

Parents can call to make a reservation ahead of time for infants who aren’t yet walking, so we make sure to have enough staff on hand to give much needed attention to the littlest ones. Reservations can be made by calling the West-Brookfield front desk at: (262) 786-3330

By Debbie Novak, Elite Sports Club-West Brookfield Playroom Director

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