How to Tell When It’s Time to Recover

How to Tell When It's Time to Recover

I’m writing this with tired eyes and exhausted body…Yesterday was a particularly rough one, starting at 5 am and continuing until 7:15 pm. Three classes, clients through lunch, and just the sheer span of the workday did me in. I didn’t feel great, and I didn’t sleep well, even though I usually sleep like a log. This is the type of day I won’t repeat, and neither should you. Here’s why making time to recover is so important for all of us.

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Your body needs time to recover. It needs to have some free time—some “me” time—a gentle walk with the dog or a friend. It needs for you to rest, absorb the efforts of the day, and rebuild. If you aren’t planning in recovery time, not just from your job, but from your workouts, you are doing yourself a disservice. The body is built with the recovery time.


Balance is the key to making this all work. A balance between work time and play time, between weight lifting and recovery, between cardio and weights and flexibility work. Finding that balance can be tough, especially when you are in demand in different aspects of your life. Being a mother, father, wife, husband, worker, boss…all demand time and attention. It’s challenging to find the balance that gives you enough challenge versus rest to satisfy both. When you hit a time when it seems your life is out of balance, it’s time to re-think your priorities, make the time for what really matters to you, and eschew some of those items on the agenda that are no longer serving you.

Time to make a change

Once you have reassessed, it’s time to make a change for yourself. That could mean trying something new and different, or it could mean subtracting something that is over-stressing you. It could also mean adding in more family time, or just time to sit and read a book. Find something you love to do and do it! Create something new, appreciate the beauty in the day, or just sit quietly on a bench at the park.

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Written by Melissa Abramovich, ACE CPT, NASM CGT, AAHFRP Medical Exercise Specialist at Elite Sports Club-River Glen

Melissa Abramovich went into Personal Training and Group Exercise instruction after successfully losing 140 pounds through healthy diet and exercise. Her desire to help others drove her forward into a career helping others to make healthier choices. She is an ACE certified personal trainer and now also a Medical Exercise Specialist (AAHFRP), helping clients with a myriad of health issues at Elite Sports Clubs. She holds a Bachelor’s degree, and many group exercise related certifications as well.


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