The Truth About Dietary Myths: Will soda spark your appetite for sweets?!

Will soda spark your appetite for sweets

“Will drinking soda make you crave more food, especially sugary foods?” It is a question I get asked often; and many people believe it is true. Researchers and others at food research institutes, including those in Madison, Wisconsin, have tried to find that very answer. It is unfortunately, hard to trace as “fact” that soda is indeed a stimulus to “eat” more food, especially sugars.

There is, however, a group in the media that speak of this very issue often in their food sections. And, a few studies have been quoted, as having proven this fact. The premise is that after consuming a carbonated beverage, especially one with caffeine, that many people who would not have eaten at that time previously, will then start drinking the soda and eating something equally sweet and tasty. Therefore, the recommendation from these sources is to “not drink diet or regular” sodas, because they are triggers for more.

Nevertheless, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has not had research conducted to prove this to be true. They may speak to the nutritional benefits of drinks and other beverages; but don’t necessarily, tie these two activities together.

So, you are left to your own thoughts on this for yourself, and what works best. Of course, we all know that if we are thirsty, and drink something cold, and flavorful, we will feel awake, refreshed, and in some ways, better. However, whether or not you are driven to eat or drink something not previously contemplated, is unlikely. We are back to you then, being mindful of what you want to eat and drink, and what that might be at any given time.

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By Rita Larsen, RD, CD; Elite Sports Clubs Nutrition Educator & Diet Counselor

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