The Future Of Nutrition

The Future of Nutrition

The future of nutrition is not grounded in food alone.

In fact according to Marc David, the founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, we should consider 4 points about the future of nutrition.

Future of Nutrition:

  1. Looking Into Our Past
  2. Body Wisdom
  3. Dialogue
  4. Politics

So what do we mean by looking back?

We need to move away from foods that contain preservatives which line our shelves. “But in our headlong rush into a more industrialised world, we’ve left behind too many nutritional practices that it turns out were the foundations of good health.” Now is the time to make the switch to locally grown produce and meats. The probiotics within natural food are more compatible with the chemistry in our bodies, unlike the processed foods we eat today.

In talking about body wisdom, David says it’s important not to confuse yourself.

There are so many new diets and fads, that it’s easy to get lost. “The good news is that such uncertainty points us back to square one — an awareness of our own body. An intuitive, earthy, connected, trusting, and curious way that we can listen to the innate intelligence of our physical form and make choices from that place. It’s time to empower ourselves. There are as many useful nutritional systems as there are people in the world.” So, trusting your nutritional compass is definitely a part of the future!

Now on to dialogue.

Everyone loves a good debate, so why not debate about nutrition! Talking about foods you love, foods you don’t, and foods that make you feel good make for great conversation. Plus, it’s a way to get others to try new foods. So let’s get chatting!

Politics. Oh boy.

But have no fear, it isn’t what you expect. Investing our time in creating food chains and policies that are healthy is where it’s at. We need to focus energy on promoting healthy eating in schools too. Something that goes hand in hand with mature dialogue!

While advances in technology give rise to astronaut food, the biggest factor in the future of nutrition is YOU. The power to shape the future of our diets is in our hands, so what are you going to do with it?

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