The Benefits of Adult Tennis Lessons

Who says tennis lessons are just for kids? Yes, it’s great to start your kids in tennis while they are young, but if you are an adult, you can enjoy the benefits of tennis at nearly any age. As long as you can hold a tennis racket, you have something to gain by taking tennis lessons.

There are many reasons to play tennis that go way beyond the fun factor. Tennis improves overall health both physically and mentally.

Physical Benefits Mental Benefits
Increases flexibility Improves self-esteem
Boosts energy levels Helps with problem solving
Improves hand/eye coordination Relieves stress
Burns a lot of calories Teaches teamwork

For even more benefits, read this Elite blog post and Sports Science article.

If you really want to jump in full throttle, try signing up for Elite’s Team Weight Loss Challenge. It includes free beginner tennis lessons, 6 weeks of fat-burning training, plus a chance to win money and more!

Tennis also has social benefits. Sometimes, it can be difficult for adults to make new friends and tennis lessons are a great way to break the ice. Tennis can also help families and friends strengthen relationships while developing healthy habits. Simply sign your family or group of friends up for lessons and before long, you will be playing matches together.

With five locations, Elite Sports Clubs has Wisconsin’s largest tennis program, offering year-round programs for both adults and children. Get into the swing of it. It’s never too late to enjoy the game and reap the benefits.

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