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Kayak Exercises and Indoor Training

I recently learned of a new type of triathlon that incorporates kayaking in place of the typical swim portion. With this new type of race comes different challenges and varied training. Here a few tips for training for this race and some good kayak exercises in general.

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Triathlon Swim Training

I recently hosted a Triathlon Swim workshop for our members at our Elite Sports Club – River Glen location and this summer I will be partnering with a few Elite Personal Trainers to offer a full-scale Triathlon Training program. Until then, let’s just focus on the swimming part. Often this can be the most intimidating […]

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10 Tips for a Triathlon

People everywhere are becoming triathletes, for a variety of reasons: enhanced self-esteem, an end goal to make exercise and fitness more worthwhile, feelings of accomplishment, and group camaraderie. Because of the three-sport format, there are often three times as many questions and three times as much advice on the “best” ways to do one. Below […]

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