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Proper Pool Supervision: Actively Watching your Children Around the Water

School is out, it’s warm, and sunny days call families to the water. Swimming pools and waterfronts are fun places, but they can also harbor dangers. It’s the time of year for a few reminders on properly supervising your children around the water.

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Lessons I’ve Learned Teaching My Own Kids to Swim

The swim instructor in me knows that swimming is a life skill children need to learn. The mom in me knows that both sets of my children’s grandparents live on lakes, and that our family’s outdoor-loving lifestyle keeps us near water a lot. The athlete in me wants my children to embrace exercise as part […]

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Learn Swimming Strokes: Butterfly

The fourth and final stroke of our swimming blog series is known by many as the most difficult to complete. Butterfly is a very physically and mentally demanding stroke, but when done properly, it looks and feels incredibly graceful. Butterfly works nearly every muscle in your body, and also works to greatly increase your lung […]

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