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How Exercise Contributes to Wellness

Wellness is not just about eating right, meditation, stress management, or exercise. Wellness is about every aspect coming together for the common goal of feeling great. While all these aspects are equally important, this blog will focus on how exercise specifically contributes to wellness.

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The Positive Effects Walking Has on the Body

Believe it or not, walking is a great activity for your body and mind. Not only is it easy to do, but it has many positive effects on the body. For starters, it improves your cardiovascular fitness, reduces back pain, and improves your functionality. But is it too good to be true? Well, not exactly. […]

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How to Support Your Partner’s Weight Loss

Picture this: Your thoughtful neighbor from across the street decides to make some delicious, but not-so-healthy, donuts for you and your significant other. By the end of the week, there is one donut left– do you offer it to your partner or do you eat it yourself? Answer: This is a trick question. Neither of […]

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