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Swimming Drills to Learn Proper Technique

In the previous four posts in our series on “Learn Swimming Strokes,” we talked about each of the strokes’ most basic components. Even though we already went over how to perform each stroke, beginners still run into issues when learning to swim. Most errors in any stroke originate from incorrect body position. Body mechanics and […]

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Learn Swimming Strokes: Backstroke

As with any workout, it’s important to focus on keeping muscular balance throughout your body. Keeping all of your muscles around the same strength prevents injury, corrects posture, and assists in better body mechanics. When using swimming for exercise, many people gravitate towards freestyle for their workouts because it is typically thought of as the […]

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Learn Swimming Strokes: Freestyle

Swimming is a great form of exercise for all body types and ages. It is great for aerobic exercise, and limits the impact on joints that other aerobic exercises (such as running or biking) can have on the body. Swimming also helps to increase muscular strength and endurance, and increases flexibility. If you’ve never swam […]

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