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What Are Fermented Foods and Why Eat Them?

When it comes to healthy food choices, fermented foods might not be what comes to mind first. However, there are plenty of reasons you should incorporate them into your diet every once in awhile. Let’s look at what fermentation is, examples of common fermented foods, and why you should eat them from a nutritional perspective.

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Foods That Are Better with Age

Just as wisdom is earned and increases with age, certain foods gain flavor and nutritional value with age. Let’s take a look at a number of aged foods that fall into this category.

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What is a Microbiome: The Garden Within Our Bodies

For every cell in our bodies, there are about 10 “non-human” cells. These are microbial residents of our gut, skin, eyes, and nasal passages and are referred to as the “microbiome” and research of its role in human health has revealed enough surprising discoveries that the National Institute of Health has launched an International Human Microbiome Project. The […]

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