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Member Stories: Lisa Strebel – Gaining Confidence Through Self-Defense Class

Self defense class will not only teach you the necessary skills to protect yourself should the situation arise, but it will also help you improve your fitness and instill a greater feeling of confidence. Here is the personal account of one of our members, Lisa Strebel, who found great benefit in taking self defense at […]

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Exercise Is Food for Your Soul

If there was a new drug that suppressed your appetite, reduced your anxiety, and made you feel better about yourself, would you take it? What if it also helped you sleep better, and you could be more productive throughout the day? If you could have more energy, a sense of well-being, excitement and joy – […]

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Boxing: Not Just Sweaty Guys Breaking Noses

When I mention the word boxing, what image comes to mind? My guess would be two sweaty guys trying to pound each other in an attempt to earn the right to call themselves “the best.” You may imagine broken noses, cut eyes, foreheads not unlike that of a Neanderthal. In fact, I would bet that […]

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