Staying on Track with Your New Years Resolutions


We’re a few weeks into the New Year and many folks find themselves already struggling to maintain momentum on their New Years resolutions. Surveys show that 80% of all New Years resolutions fail. We don’t want you to be in that category, so here are some tips for staying on track with your New Years resolutions.

Refer Back to Your Plan

Remember that plan we made last month? This is where tracking your progress becomes important. By recording your starting point (i.e. starting weight), you can compare it with where you are at currently. You should have set timed benchmarks so your goal is broken down in smaller chunks. Small goals are much easier to aim for than getting caught up in a large goal that may seem daunting when you’re first starting out. Using these benchmarks are helpful to make sure you’re on pace.

Don’t worry if you miss a mark, however. Some progress is better than none at all. We can’t stress that enough. One of the main reasons resolutions fail is because people give up immediately even after they miss one of their benchmarks. That’s ok. Shake it off, and make sure you get the next one. If it’s more realistic, you can make adjustments to your initial plan as you go along. You may discover that the goal was a little too ambitious in the first place, and you might want to scale back to something more realistic. That’ll give you an added dose of confidence to keep working hard. If you find that your goal was too easy, keep working and build on your successes as you go along. Try not to settle if you hit the mark early. Strive to go above and beyond!

Don’t Go It Alone

One of the best ways to stay on track with your New Year’s resolutions is by joining others with the same objective. Grab a buddy or spouse and go to the gym together. By having someone else involved in your health and fitness journey, you can hold one another accountable and stay on track with your New Years resolutions. You can even try these exercises where you team up.

If you don’t have any friends that are members at Elite, you can always refer a friend to join and earn credits on your membership account. More information on our referral program can be found here.

If all else fails, you can always work with a professional such as a personal trainer or a Registered Dietitian. Elite employs some of the most experienced and knowledgeable fitness and nutrition staff in the Milwaukee area. You can trust their knowledge and experience will allow them to understand your individual needs and develop methods for you to achieve your personal goals. Many of them have dealt with similar issues that you yourself are facing!

Try Popular Group Fitness Classes at Elite Sports Clubs

Solo workouts can sometimes get repetitive, lonely, and boring. Boredom is another common reason why folks give up on their fitness New Years resolutions. Group fitness classes are a great way to counter exercise monotony, and allow you to be a little more mindful when working out. Elite Sports Clubs offers TONS of different classes that cater to all ages, ability levels, and interests. And the best thing about them? They’re all included with your membership!

Here are some of our suggestions for group fitness classes in Milwaukee.

  • Spin classes (ex: spin classes in Brookfield)
    • A lot of people are hesitant to try spin at first, but are hooked after their first class. It’s just a matter of knowing how to set up your bike and understanding your physical limits. Spin classes are a challenge by choice!
  • Yoga classes (ex: hot yoga in Mequon or Vinyasa yoga in Brookfield)
    • Want to learn about the benefits of yoga? Check out this blog about some of the most popular yoga classes at Elite Sports Clubs!
  • Les Mills classes (ex: BodyPump or BodyAttack)
    • Looking for a real challenge? Les Mills classes are a fun way to exercise with tracks synced to some of today’s most popular songs. Each class offers something unique and targets different areas of the body. Les Mills BodyPump and BodyAttack are the most popular classes at Elite Sports Clubs. Don’t be intimidated, however. All the exercises have regression modifications.
  • Pilates classes
    • Pilates emphasizes muscle control in all of the movements. Thus, it’s a great way to strengthen the major muscle groups of your body.

Share Your Successes With Us!

Keeping pace with your resolutions is meant to be challenging, but doable. With the right plan and adequate motivation, you’ll find yourself achieving results in no time. Just keep at it and know we’re here if you need us.

We’d love to hear about your successes. We’ll share them with our other members as a source of inspiration via the Elite blog and social media channels!

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