The Importance of Setting Small Goals

We all want to accomplish our big goals. Lose 10 pounds, buy a car, take more time for yourself. The list can go on and on.

But with our eyes on the prize, we often feel lost about how exactly we reach our large goals. The best thing to do, is establish little goals along the way that help us ultimately reach our large ones.

For example: If getting into the habit of maintaining a fitness routine is one of your main goals…

Break it down into little ones. Maintaining good flexibility, slowly increasing weights or reps, gradually adding a little bit of distance or intensity to your run. Tiny goals like that will add up over time, and before you know it you’ll be 15 pounds lighter and you’ll have a lifelong healthy routine.

Or if getting a grip on nutrition and a healthier diet is one of your main goals…

Start slow. Replace an unhealthy snack with a healthy snack when you go grocery shopping. Then maybe switch the type of bread you buy from white to whole wheat or go from white rice to brown rice. Start making one more healthy meal at home a week. Tiny goals like this will have you operating at high nutrition potential in no time!

Maybe you’re looking to save a little money

Get yourself a piggy bank. Instead of throwing all of your car change into the bottom of your purse never to be seen again, or in a drawer at work, put it in a piggy bank. After a couple of months you can empty it out and find a pretty solid chunk of change. Put it towards a date night or a gadget you’ve always wanted. It’s easy to count your dollars when you mind your pennies!

Perhaps you’re thinking you need to get out more and be a little more social…

Start small. Send a couple of texts out or make a point to call just one person each week. Just keep in touch with friends—and no, Facebook doesn’t count! Then slowly work your way into making plans. It helps to join something, maybe after work you join a trivia team or a tennis league. Going out once a week is great for your health! Plus, when you surround yourself with new people you create new social opportunities.

For a more in-depth look at how to set small goals and making progress, check out our wellness guide posted below (or download your own printable wellness system here). It’s designed to track your progress and keep you on track to living your best and healthiest life!

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