Buddy Workout: 3 Exercises You Can Do With a Partner

Buddy Workout - 3 Exercises You Can Do With a Partner

Now that you have your new workout buddy (still don’t? refer someone today!) you’ll need some fun workouts you can do TOGETHER! Check out this list of great partner workouts you can do with a friend, spouse, or even your trainer.

 Partner Squat

Partner Squat

Begin by standing back-to-back with your workout buddy. Lean into each other and squat down until your legs create a 90 degree angle, and thighs are parallel with the floor. Pushing through your heels, return to standing position, and repeat.

Partner Pushup & Squat or Deadlift

Partner Push-up & Squat or Deadlift

One partner starts in the plank position, while the other stands lifts the feet to either rest on their thighs, or hold in front as you would a weight or bar. Both keep back straight and core firm. As one partner lowers into the push-up position the other either squats or does a deadlift in unison. Once the desired reps have been completed, partners should switch positions.

Partner Medicine Ball Situp & Toss

Partner Medicine Ball Sit-up & Toss

Facing each other, sit on the floor with legs bent and feet braced against each other’s. One partner lies back with ball overhead, tapping ball to the floor. While sitting back up, throw the ball from overhead to partner. Partner should catch the ball in front of, and slightly above head, repeating previous steps. Continue to toss the medicine ball back and forth.

So, next time you are at the club with your workout buddy, try to work some of these exercises into your routine. If anything, you will get a few laughs, but hopefully you’ll get a great workout too!

If you’d like more partner workout ideas for you and your buddy, stop by the fitness desk in the fitness center and one of our certified trainers would be happy to help!

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