Simple Guidance to Stop Bingeing

Simple Guidance to Stop Bingeing

At one point in our lives we have either binged on food, television, spending money, drinking, etc. Sometimes we don’t even mean to lose control. When we lose control, that is when we question our behavior, which doesn’t always help us correct the behavior. Bingeing becomes a problem when it is done in secrecy or shame. No matter what category you have binged on in the past, they all have similar causes. These causes are psychological, chemical, and sociocultural.

Wanting to build confidence, feel good, or to cure your depression/anxiety bingeing seems to be the answer to our problems. In actuality, bingeing is the unhealthy answer to our problems. The healthy answer is mindfulness.

Understand your feelings.

Not understanding your feelings can prevent you from handling your stress and emotions. Think through your actions in a realistic way when you feel a binge forthcoming. Ask yourself if you would regret that action afterwards.

It is important to be honest with yourself.

Being honest with yourself allows you to recognize your desires and what you value. Strengthening the connection with yourself through yoga, meditation, or journal writing will lead you to living in alignment with your mind and body.

Consequently, not being honest with yourself will lead you to feeling a disconnection, lack of fulfillment, depression, or anxiety. As humans when we are not happy with our lives we tend to generate negative actions. Those negative actions can result in bingeing. Overindulgence is often a result of people trying to improve their mood, whether that is to stay happy or to help a mood pass.

Tips to stop bingeing behavior:

  • Stop and think before you act on the behavior
  • Breathing exercises
  • Reach out for help
  • Recognize the signs of your behavior
  • Start a healthy hobby

It is okay to ask for help

We tend to feel embarrassed or lie to ourselves when we know we need help. No one wants to feel helpless or vulnerable. Opening up to someone can be hard to do because the fear of being judged or ridiculed stops us. Bingeing behavior is common, and we have all done it. First recognize that there is a problem, act on the problem, and get help if you are unable to change the behavior yourself.

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