Pool Etiquette 101

Over the years that I’ve worked in the aquatics field I’ve been asked more times than I can count about proper pool etiquette. It can be quite confusing for inexperienced swimmers, so much so that many have confessed their avoidance of going near the pool all together! So in an effort to help my fellow swimmers here are a few helpful tips for Elite’s Aquatic Centers.

Pool Etiquette: Rules

The first thing to be aware of are the pool rules; for obvious reasons these rules are put in place for our members’ safety as well as making sure that our pools stay in pristine conditions.

Some important ones to take note of are:

  • no food, drinks, or glass bottles anywhere in the pools and pool areas. These can pose as health hazards and should not be ignored.
  • Another is to make sure that proper swim attire is worn. The dyes and sweat that are in everyday clothes can wreak havoc on our salt water pools and cause the chemicals to fluctuate, especially if those clothes were used to work out in. Always remember to bring your swim suit!

Pool Etiquette: Schedule

Moving on to the pools, it’s always a good idea to check the pool schedule daily to find the best time to come in as we have many great activities going on in our clubs.

It’s best to avoid the pool during swim lessons, exercise classes, and specialized scheduled events. Pool schedules are available on Elite’s website, the front desk and the pool area. There are times however when everyone wants to swim laps at the same time and it can get crowded and swimmers must share lanes.

Pool Etiquette: Lane Sharing

Did you know there is a proper “do and don’t” for lane sharing?

The best way to begin to share a lane is to let the person swimming know that you are coming into the lane to share with them. This must be done so that the swimmer knows someone is there so that there isn’t a collision.

Once you have the swimmer’s attention it then must be decided if you should circle swim (always swim on the right) or each swimmer stick to one side of the tiled lines on the bottom of the pool. It’s also important to pick a lane with a swimmer with a similar skill set to you so that it makes for a smooth addition to the lane.

Pool Etiquette: Swim Lessons

One of the final things to keep in mind when coming to use Elite’s pools are to watch out for swimming lessons. Group swim lessons and swim club are on the pool schedule but private lessons can be scheduled at any time.

In most cases teachers will stay in one lap lane or one side of the pool, close to the walls. Being mindful of where the students and teachers are help keep students focused on learning to swim.

Pool Etiquette: Equipment

Additionally, the aquatics equipment used for teaching lessons are generally used for teaching only. So make sure if you saw a teacher bring out an item leave it alone for their lessons.

Keep these helpful tips and reminders in the back of your swimsuit, grab a towel and we’ll see ya poolside!


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