Petite Elite Preschool in Brookfield

Petite Elite Preschool in Brookfield

The Petite Elite preschool in Brookfield is our educational program, developed based on the needs of young children to learn and grow in a nurturing environment. We offer a developmentally appropriate setting and curriculum to encourage a positive, unique learning experience. Here are what parents can expect from our preschool program in Brookfield.

What Parents Can Expect

A safe, nurturing, structured environment is provided while children learn the readiness skills needed for kindergarten. A balance of teacher-directed and child-directed activities are provided by degreed teachers, as well as swimming and fitness instructors. Important skill development occurs by utilizing various teaching techniques throughout the day. The children will cover the beginnings of cooperation, conflict resolution, and peacemaking skills, as well as the beginnings of science, mathematics, language arts, literacy, and social studies.

Activities include singing, crafting, counting/math, story time, learning the alphabet and calendar, and weekly theme-based activities. Playtime and motor skills are also a part of our daily routine.

Play is Important

Play in preschool means children working alone or in groups on ideas that are important to them in their growth and development. Learning through play gives them a solid foundation to become lifelong learners. An emphasis on self-esteem is important and accomplished through enthusiasm, positive reinforcement, and redirection. Each child learns at their own pace. When planning lessons, teachers leave room to customize each lesson plan to accommodate the needs of the class as a whole down to the individual needs of the child.

How is Petite Elite Unique?

Health and wellness is at the forefront of everything we do at Elite Sports Clubs. We want to make our members’ lives better. Through our preschool program, we want to teach young kids the importance of making healthy decisions so they can establish lifelong habits. This is done through fitness activities and swimming lessons, led by our experienced and certified staff. By incorporating swimming lessons into preschool in Brookfield, the parents don’t have to come back later in the day or find another facility to take lessons.

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